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The HOPE Program

Helping Out People Everywhere while trying to end homeless VETs and hunger in the United States.


Who We Are

The HOPE Program is a nonprofit organization that serves people with mental illness in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul metro area. Founded in 2014.
We believe to help people with mental illness, flexibility and creativity is required. That’s why we start with the person first—developing innovative, effective services that provide the care, resources, and connections that will help each person in the best way possible.


What We Do


Homeless Street Outreach

We build relationships with the homeless on the streets and provide them with basic human resources.

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The Hope Program thrives through our fundraising efforts, selling water bottle, t-shirts, buttons and bracelets.



We continue to be present in the local community to bring awareness to our cause.


Contact The HOPE Program

1041 Grand Ave. #374 St Paul Mn. 55105


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The HOPE Program Picture 2.jpg